Tuesday, September 01, 2009


10th live Circuit 'Royal Straight Flush' DVD

Yup I'm still here and I'm still following PG with dedication. Unfortunatly there are just not enough hours in the day anymore, so first news is that I don't plan on making any further updates to this website. I'm really sorry, and I'd really love to continue with it as PG are such an important part of my life, but it's just not possible currently. I'm sorry to anyone who uses the site regularly.
The site will remain online as a resourse for new and old fans, and I will probably still report big news on this blog but other than that the site is now in hiatus.
Thanks to everyone who's supported and contributed to the site over the years, it's been a real pleasure and I've met many amazing people through a shared love of PG!
You guys n gals all rock! ;)

Anyways now I've forced you to read all that on to the real news!
PG are releasing thier latest concert DVD, it's called:

10th Live Circuit "Royal Straight Flush" Live in Yoyogi Daiichi Taiikukan
and is avaliable for preorder now at CD Japan.
It's a 2 disc set and will be released on the 28th of October.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009


PG PV's on DVD's!

Long time no news, sorry bout that folks.

Here's a good one to try and get me back in the swing of things though!

PG are releasing DVD's of all thier PV's up to the most recent one!
Following the same style as Opening Lap thier first PV DVD the new DVD's are named "PG Clips 2nd Lap," "PG Clips 3rd Lap" and "PG Clips 4th Lap."
Opening Lap is also being rereleased.

And they are releasing them as individual DVD's or as a whopping box set containing all the DVD's in a limited edition set!

Long have I hoped for such a thing!

Due for release on the 9th of September 09, forget the credit crunch and failing world economy! Get your pre-orders in now from CD Japan

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Thursday, December 11, 2008


Koyoi PV and Kouhaku news

Once again sorry for the lack of updates, here's somthing to take your minds off my slacking off, it's the Koyoi Tsuki ga Miezutomo PV
It's a very dark and weird PV, pretty cool and suits the song tho!

Also a news snippet, PG are on the white team for this years Kouhaku Uta Gassen, so everyone cheer for the white team! ^^ /

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Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Hisashiburi ne!

Sorry for the lack of updates folks but heres some good news which you may or not already know.

First I'm sure you're already aware of the new single due for release on 10th of this month.
It's called Koyoi, Tsuki Ga Miezu Tomo


01. Koyoi, Tsuki Ga Miezu Tomo
02. Koyoi, Tsuki Ga Miezu Tomo (Instrumental Track)

The cover to this one is really pretty!
There is a limited and regular version, pre order it now!

But the best news is that as hoped they will be releasing a new Live DVD of thier 10th anniversary concert! \ ^_^ /
And will be released on 28th January 09!
You can preorder it now from CD Japan!

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Friday, October 31, 2008


Congratulations Haruichi-san!

So once more a surprise marriage has been sprung on us, this time it's Haruichi's turn!
Haruichi and actress/model Kyoko Hasegawa registered their marriage on October 23rd.

Many congratulations to you and your new wife Haruichi-san! ^^

For the full news please visit these links:

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Happy Birthday Akihito-san!


*throws ballons and cake* XD

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Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The Forum... it's ALIVE!

The forum is back!
Dunno how or why or what happened but, YOKATTA! it's back! \ ^_^ /

So everyone pile on in there and lets catch up! XD


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