Sunday, July 22, 2007


Link Single Out Now (and site updates)

So did you all hear it yet???
Seen the PV???
It's really great isn't it?
I'm liking Link a whole lot, and I like it better than some of thier other recent summer themes (tho, those were good too I just like this better!)
I really love the PV too, it's got great style and the guys look just fantastic! ^^
So congrats on another fantastic single boys! ;)

In site news...
Well it's been a bit of a trial recently!
I wanted to add new stuff to the site but I changed my webdesign software and when I redefined the site and opened up the files it was a big ole mess of broken links, missing images and bad code! -_-"
So several days later and lots of hard graft and hair-tearing-out it should be fixed!
It's been tested, but if you should find a broken link, missing image or something awry, then please drop me an e-mail, leave a comment or go report it in the forum!

So while I was fixing things I did add a few new bits, like some PV screenshots in the screenshot gallery! So go have a root around, see whats new and check for errors while you're at it ne! ;)

Also if you have trouble with overlapping text/images especially in the gallery sections please can you let me know!
Some people seem to have this when viewing the site and I'd like to know how many people it's a problem for.
I currently don't know quite how to fix it but if it's a problem for a lot of you I'll try to find a solution faster rather than slacking off XD"

Okies thats it...
mata na!

Ganbatte ne ^^ Looking forward to a new and better site, thanks for the hard work! ^^
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