Monday, July 23, 2007


More site news

Phew! So things are moving at a pace here!
I had an idea of how to help the overlapping text/images problem for anyone who has it so today I've worked on that, it's still not perfect but it should be better!
It's meant a change of layout for the gallery thumbnails which means they don't looks so neat and pretty but actually it means less work for me when it comes to laying out new magazine scans so yay! XD

Talking of new scans while I was tinkering I've added the most recent mag scans in 2007 section, thanks to tsuriken for kindly donating them! (cheers for the comment on my last post too tsuriken, it's always encouraging to get a comment! ^^)

Also I started on the Fan Art Gallery!
So far there's only my own poor excuse for fan art in there so if you have any fan art or feel like making some then send it on over and I'll add it to the site! ^^

Also the Extras section finally has some content so go check that out...

So that's about it for now!
Enjoy the site! ;)

You are welcome ^^ Actually for BPass July with Haruichi I re-scanned it with better resolution, will put it up in the forum once I find time to re-scale them (too big!)

The gallery section is filling up nicely! Love the extras-section idea, random PG clips ^^ And seeing the PV screenshots... I don't have ROLL yet! :P (looks like have to go ask around in forum, haha...)

Finally, YES, Akihito in 'Uzu' makes me go... *hanaji deru*
HAHAHA indeed, Uzu Aki has that effect on me too! XD"

Glad you're liking what you're seeing, I'm happy the gallery is filling out now too, it was empty for too long! ^^"

And I'll upload ROLL for you! ;)
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