Friday, August 31, 2007


New Album Out Now! And other news.

So the new album is out!
Did you get your copy?
I got mine today *3 days from Japan to England, way ta go CD Japan! XD*

And... it's truly, brilliant, wonderful, amusing, delightful!
I could use more adjectives but really it'd be a long list!

It's a delightful mix of 80's style, 60's style and PG style!
I'm very impressed, even more so knowing what a short time they made this album in!

I think Bears is a favourite, and not just because of the amusing PV they released for that song! XD
I also was blown away by track 6, Iron Hammer, very cool, and track 8, My 80's cracks me up! XD
track 9, The Rock Band Came is really great too, makes me think of a Beatles song! X3

I really love the mix of styles and sounds on this album it's a delight! ^^

I can't wait to watch the DVD that came with it, but I'm teasing myself and leaving that for later! X3

Okies in other news, I translated a little news snippet from the official PG site the other day:

On 10/6 A drama from Japan TV group O.A called ‘Hari Kei’ is starting. The theme song ‘Tuning Note’ sung by Naohito Fujiki, the lyrics are written by Haruichi Shindou.
The single is released on 2007/10/10

On to site news, I've been working on a big website project over the last month and a half, it's been a bit relentless and I'm sick of making websites now so sorry for the lack of updates here, I'll try and get screencaps from the Bears PV up as soon as possible, I also have a good copy of Mugen PV so I'll add those caps too once I get over my website building aversion. ^^"

My limited edition copy is coming!I can't for the DVD, i don't speak japanese but who cares!XD
I got mine on the 29th of August itself, man, totally marvelling at CdJapan's efficiency!

In fact, it was just moments after stepping into my house, evening, after work, that the doorbell rang, and there stood the postman with my PG package... yes, got some of their singles too, retail therapy is probably one of the main reasons for working :p

Still absorbing the new album, it sounds quite different from M-cabi, more raw and varied. At the moment my favs are, in no particular order...

Link~ ...but of course~ :p

Bears is probably going to be my fav in this album I predict... plus the PV just gets me pseudo-squealing like some fangirl~ sheesh~...

Light & shadow, the strings are sweet~

My 80's is so... 80's! It's retro-genki-cheese-pop! I like!

Rock band is sooooo super cute, yes, Beatles! And there I thought it'll be some big rock song *rolls eyes*

In any case, I think it's a matter of time before they ALL become some sort of fav, they are, even now, growing on me, in fact just simply sprouting everywhere... X)

Just love that they are so varied, plus Akihito's voice can make me love a song, if I listen to it often enough... hee~ ... but don't accuse me of being just an Akihito fan, I love Haruichi too!~

Especially his lyrics, okay, all in too ... but... just that Akihito's voice... *sigh*

Okay, I should stop with the over-genkiness now~ >_<


Okay, one last one... I LOVE PG!!!
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