Sunday, July 06, 2008


News Round-Up

I can't believe it was May that I last posted!
And even worse, I can't believe that I missed the release of thier latest single! -_-
Itai Tachiiichi, out now, tracklist is up in the Discography.

If you have the single, apparently it comes with a special password which allows you to see an alternate version of the PV!

This year is PG's 10th Anniversary! As a result it's a good year to be a PG fan!
Various special things are happening, one of which will be yet another single release on 20th September called GIFT and it will be avaliable in regular and a limited edition version which will include a DVD!
(As if that's not enough, that single is also the theme song for a movie called 'Flying Rabbits')
You can preorder the regular edition here and the limited editon here!

On to site news now, I'm very happy to announce that aside from the new single's B-sides (which I hope to be able to add soon) The lyrics section now has a full set of Japanese lyrics! \ ^_^ /
It was an enormous task, and I want to thank everyone who contributed, even if it was only a single song, and so made this possible! And special HUGE thanks to Tsuriken for tracking down those elusive missing ones! Thank you! ^^
I can confidently say that this site now has the most comprehensive PG lyrics section on the web, and it's all thanks to you guys n girls! ^^

Of course, there are still many missing romanisations, and even more English translations needed, if anyone has those to offer, please get in touch! *through the forum is easiest*

I've been busy updating the site all afternoon, so you'll find a few more additions here and there too, mostly just small stuff that needed updating, but have a rummage around and check it out ne! ;)

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Soon we will make the site of the PG *-*

Thanks for all ;___;
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