Thursday, August 14, 2008


Another New Single

The boys are being so productive this year that I can't keep up, so sorry this is kinda old news already.

The new single is called 'Love, too Death, too'
Release date 8th October 08
It's avaliable to preorder now in Regular Edition and Limited Edition which includes bonus trump card and deluxe box.

Less than a week to go before Gift is released too! \ ^_^ /

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The cover for 'Love, too Death, too' is out~! And they look so good in their new promo pic~!!! XD

By the way, any idea what happened with the forum? It has been unavailable for the longest time... :/
I'm a Japanese girl who loves PG very much.
I'm very glad, because I found PG fans not only Japanese. I thought that people who know PG and PG fans are only Japanese.
There are many many fan sites in Japanese, but I had never seen that in English.
Thank you, and thanks for your site.

I'm not so good at English,so if you can't understand these sentenses, I have to say "I'm sorry".
Hello, Nyu~! :)

Yes, I think there are many PG fans outside of Japan. シンガポールについてご存じですか。わたしはシンガポールじんです、ここでは英語を話す。I am taking Japanese lessons now, so i know a bit of Japanese, but i am not very good at it yet...

I hope I can get to watch PG's concert in Japan one day~ X)

Don't worry, your English is quite good! I understand what you are saying~ (o^^)Y
Thank you for your response,スリケンさん:)
I'm glad more and more to hear that.
I know Singapore,of course!I understand that Singapore is a clean country.
Your Japanese is very good.I'm surprised that you can use honorific words(敬語-keigo-).

Please come and watch (and dancing!?) their concert!PG always cheer the audiences.XD
We must thank the road sweepers/cleaners, for keeping the country clean~! :)

I just use a good online dictionary~ :3

I would love to watch them in Japan, but I have to consider my work schedule... :/ I hope to see them next year, if possible~ Yes, I can tell from their concert dvds that they really engage with the audience. 素晴しいアトモスフィアでしょう。XD
Thanks for fielding comments on here tsuriken! I must check for comments more often!

Nyu-san! Sorry for not responding sooner. ^^"
It's great to know Japanese fans are enjoying this site too! \ ^_^ /
I'm happy to say PG have many fans all around the world!
But as you say there are not many sites about them in English which is why I made this site!

And you're English is very good! ;)
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