Monday, September 26, 2005


New PG Forum!

A new English language Porno Graffitti forum has been created!
The Administrator of that forum Urd has kindly allowed me to link to it directly from this site as you can see from the new 'Forum' option on the menu on the right.

So if you are browsing this site and are a PG fan please go and join the forum and help make it a lively, fun and informative place for PG fans, old and new to hang out!

Thanks very much for your hard work and agreeing to let me link the forum Urd! ;)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Site Redesign!

After much fiddling I think I've finally got blogger to work with my new site design, it's not quite how I would like it but it's working *she hopes* XD

Anyway, welcome to version 2 of my PG site, this one has new and exciting sections and also now using this blog I hope to report any news I hear about the band, so we can all keep up to date on thier activities!
So if you have news to pass on which I can post here drop me an e-mail ;)

Now usually I hate putting an incomplete website on the web but I'm fed up with my old site design and I wanted to put this one up, everything that was on the old site is already up and functioning here, and are even better looking than they were before! But there are some blank sections such as the gallery which I hope to fill up as soon as I can.

This site was designed over such a long time that I made some mistakes here and there and although I hope I've caught them all if you come across a page with no background or a broken link please let me know ;)

The design was inspired by Porno Graffitti's PV for Hitori no Yoru
Also after much thought I decided not to have Tama on the background image, not because I don't love Tama and respect the work he did with PG, just that I wanted to reflect the current status of the band.

Anyways I hope you like the site, leave feedback in the new blogger comments feature and let me know ;)

Finally I'd like to say a big thanks to all my PG loving friends who keep my enthusiasum for the band red hot!
And of course thanks to the band themselves for inspiring me with thier music! ^^

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