Sunday, July 29, 2007


Prono Graffitti (the Album) Tracklist

01. Link
02. The Real World
03. Walker
04. Bears
05. A Farmer and A Red Scarf
06. Iron Hammer
07. Light and Shadow
08. My 80's 
09. The Rock Band Came
10. Please say yes, yes, yes
11. Sky Blue

The special edition of the album includes a 50 min DVD with interviews and documentary on the making of the album!

*thanks to Makimonochromatic for the tracklist translation! ;)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Porno Graffitti, The Album!

Wow news is flying thick n fast this week and this it the best news all week for sure!

Porno Graffitti are releasing a new album on the 29th of August, thats a mere 36 days away folks! 0_o

I have to admit when I saw the rumour of a new albumI held off reporting it here because it's only 9 months since M-Cabi was released!
I know those guys are productive but I couldn't believe it!

But it's true folks! I just preordered my copy, it doesn't get any truer than that! XD

So enough of my yakking here's the details:

Title: 'Porno Graffitti'
Release date: 29th August 2007

There is a special limited edition version which includes a DVD and a regular version.
No tracklist as yet.

Preorder Limited Edition Now at CD Japan
Preorder Regular Edition Now at CD Japan
Preorder Limited Edition Now at Yes Asia
Preorder Regular Edition Now at Yes Asia

According to the news on the official PG site being a self titled album, as one would expect this album contains the strong ideas and feelings of the band members!

I can't wait! XD

Monday, July 23, 2007


More site news

Phew! So things are moving at a pace here!
I had an idea of how to help the overlapping text/images problem for anyone who has it so today I've worked on that, it's still not perfect but it should be better!
It's meant a change of layout for the gallery thumbnails which means they don't looks so neat and pretty but actually it means less work for me when it comes to laying out new magazine scans so yay! XD

Talking of new scans while I was tinkering I've added the most recent mag scans in 2007 section, thanks to tsuriken for kindly donating them! (cheers for the comment on my last post too tsuriken, it's always encouraging to get a comment! ^^)

Also I started on the Fan Art Gallery!
So far there's only my own poor excuse for fan art in there so if you have any fan art or feel like making some then send it on over and I'll add it to the site! ^^

Also the Extras section finally has some content so go check that out...

So that's about it for now!
Enjoy the site! ;)

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Link Single Out Now (and site updates)

So did you all hear it yet???
Seen the PV???
It's really great isn't it?
I'm liking Link a whole lot, and I like it better than some of thier other recent summer themes (tho, those were good too I just like this better!)
I really love the PV too, it's got great style and the guys look just fantastic! ^^
So congrats on another fantastic single boys! ;)

In site news...
Well it's been a bit of a trial recently!
I wanted to add new stuff to the site but I changed my webdesign software and when I redefined the site and opened up the files it was a big ole mess of broken links, missing images and bad code! -_-"
So several days later and lots of hard graft and hair-tearing-out it should be fixed!
It's been tested, but if you should find a broken link, missing image or something awry, then please drop me an e-mail, leave a comment or go report it in the forum!

So while I was fixing things I did add a few new bits, like some PV screenshots in the screenshot gallery! So go have a root around, see whats new and check for errors while you're at it ne! ;)

Also if you have trouble with overlapping text/images especially in the gallery sections please can you let me know!
Some people seem to have this when viewing the site and I'd like to know how many people it's a problem for.
I currently don't know quite how to fix it but if it's a problem for a lot of you I'll try to find a solution faster rather than slacking off XD"

Okies thats it...
mata na!

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