Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The Forum... it's ALIVE!

The forum is back!
Dunno how or why or what happened but, YOKATTA! it's back! \ ^_^ /

So everyone pile on in there and lets catch up! XD


Friday, September 26, 2008


Happy Birthday PG Site!

Today is this sites 3rd birthday!

Otanjoubi Omedetou!

Unfortunatly there's not much of a celebration, I have to apologise for the recent lack of updates to the site.

This is due to other work taking priority and also some technical issues relating to my ancient copy of Dreamweaver and a recent Java update which have resulted in errors in Dreamweaver. -_-"

I will figure something out eventually! XD"

Also I'm afraid the forum seems to be dead! ;___;

Unfortunatly I have no control over the forum so I don't know what the problem is or if we can get it back!

Urd-san, if you read this, please could you get in contact with with me! shir0nin@ *nospam* yahoo.co.uk


While this site may be having a few troubles, PG at least seem to be going from strenght to strenght in this very exciting anniversary year!

With excitment like that to motivate me, I hope I'll be here next year celebrating another birthday!

Many thanks to everyone who's contributed to this site over the years!

*shares out the slices of birthday cake* X3

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Love, too Death, too and new BEST Albums and more!

Here's the cover for the new single:
And the PV is out now too! It's a very interesting one and the song sounds great, even after hearing it just twice I found myself singing it in my head! XD
Here's the tracklist:
1. Love, too Death, too
2. Good News
3. Time Or Distance
It's out on the 8th October!
Also 2 new BEST of albums are being released this October, titled Porno Graffitti Best Ace and Porno Graffitti Best Joker, they're set for release on the 28th!
You can preorder them now at CD Japan.
Preorder Best Ace
Preorder Best Joker
M1. ハネウマライダー
M2. ギフト
M3. ネオメロドラマティック
M4. ライン
M5. 黄昏ロマンス
M6. NaNaNa サマーガール
M7. 東京ランドスケープ
M8. Please say yes, yes, yes
M9. Winding Road
M10. あなたがここにいたら
M11. We Love Us
M12. そらいろ
M13. A New Day(新曲)
M1. Love,too Death,too
M3. ジョバイロ
M4. 痛い立ち位置
M5. グラヴィティ
M6. 横浜リリー
M7. リンク
M10. シスター
M11. うたかた
M12. ベアーズ
M13. 約束の朝(新曲)
While the Special Anniversary Tours may be over, there's still some fun to be had, there are some nifty new Tour Goods avaliable from the Amuse store, including a funky phone strap and patches like the ones on the boilersuit, so for those of us who can't afford the boilersuit, we can still stitch the patches on to something! XD
So get your Japanese contacts to order for you while they're still avaliable!
Also looks like tour dates for thier 10th Live Tour which will be based around the new BEST albums has been released, so if you're hopeing to see PG live in 2009, go over to thier site and check out the dates! ;)
Okies I think that just about covers things for now, with the forum down I'm a little behind so please let me know if there's any news I've missed! ;)

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