Saturday, March 31, 2007


Tours, Site Updates and Rockin PG fans!

Well, the new DVD came out and if you haven't got it yet, why not!?
It's a cracker!
Thier biggest concert to date and it certainly feels like it, there's great energy you get when you watch this concert!

Talking of concerts the guys are touring RIGHT NOW!
Some of you lucky people will have already seen them, some of you will be seeing them soon!
I hope you all have a great time and I already can't wait for the DVD! ^^

So since there's so much going on I figured it's about time for an update here!
There are 3 new magazines to view in the Magazine Scan Gallery (in 2001, 2006, 2007)
Finally I've added the tracklist to Tour 08452!
Also the new DVD has been added to the Discography!
And, while I was busy I decided to update the pictures of the band on the Members page!

Finally, I'd just like to thank everyone who's so generously contributed somthing to help the site recently!
You all rock and contributions motivate me to keep improving the site!

If anyone else has anything they'd like to contribute leave a comment or go to the forum! ;)

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