Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Count down to 'Link'

There's a 'Summer Special Site' PG website counting down to the release of 'Link'
Check it out here.

You can see the cover to the upcoming 'Link' single here

And here's the tracklist for the single:

1. Link
2. Stand for one's wish
3. It's on my Mind

Thanks to gIn on the forums for that info!

In site news, sorry for the lack of promised update, it will happen but other projects have taken priority right now! ^^"

I'm sure the single release next month will give me a motivational boost to get on with it! XD"

Friday, June 08, 2007


'Link' preview 2

You can hear a better preview of the new single 'Link' here! ^^

Thanks to gIn on the forum for the tip-off! ;)

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Link preview!

You can hear a preview of the new single here!
It's being used in a car CM!

If you go to the CM Gallery once the site loads you can here a longer 30sec preview in the 30sec CM! ^^

Thanks to penguin-san for the tip off! ;)

It sounds really good, but I can't pass judgement right now as I just heard Gackt's new single and it was so amazing my judgement of anything else I hear today will be wonky! ^^"

My fandoms are conflicting! XD"
*goes to lie down and steady her nerve* XD

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Site Updates!

As usual the prospect of a new release has got me all riled up with excitement and as a result I've been working on the site again!

This time I've added a Wallpaper Gallery in the Gallery section.
Thanks to all the people who kindly allowed me to put their wallpapers on the site, PG wallpapers are somewhat rare so I hope this gallery helps you paste up some nice art of the boys on your desktop more easily! ^^

If anyone out there wants to contribute their own wallpapers (or anthing else!) to the site please do get in touch! ^^

Not content with having made the Wallapaer Gallery I'm now working on filling another empty section of the site, I think you're gonna like it so stay tuned!

Monday, June 04, 2007


New Single: 'Link'

It's been quiet on the news front for a while while the PG boys have been hard at work touring, but now some great news for all of us stuck at home they are relaeasing a new single on 18th of July called 'Link'
It promises to be an upbeat summer theme!
I can't wait! ^^
You can preorder it now from CD Japan

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