Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Goods, Lives, PV's!

Porno Graffitti have released thier 2006 calandar.
This year the concept for the clandar is 'Cutting “SWITCH”'
The photos for the calandar were taken during the Switch tour during LIVES and off stage.

It costs 2000yen but I havn't seen it avaliable on CDJapan or YesAsia.
for more information visit the forum

PG had a Live in Osaka City’s assembly hall on November 9th
And have a public performance in Nagoya in December.

Also it is rumoured (and possibly confirmed) that PG will be performing on the 56th Kouhaku performance as part of the White team (same team as Gackt... if you happen to like him too XD)
- info from Tokyo Nights

PG have put out another PV for thier Jobairo/Don't Call Me Crazy single, this time it's for the Jobairo track.
I haven't seen it myself yet but apparently the boys don't actually appear in this PV!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


New Single Release-Yo Bailo

PG's new single Yo Bailo is released today, see my previous post for a tracklist.
It contains 3 very different style songs, it's great to hear the boys experimenting in so many directions with these 3 songs.
They all sound great!

Come and discuss it in the forums!

Buy Yo Bailo now at YesAsia

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Don't Call Me Crazy!

Porno Graffitti's fantastic new PV for their single 'Don't Call ME Crazy' is out now!
Visit the forums to get it!

it surprised a lot of us PG fans as we were expecting the PV to be for the 'Jobairo' track which is the first track on the single and also the opening theme to the Japanese drama of the same name.
You can also download a preview of 'Jobairo' in the forum.

The full tracklist of the single:

01.ジョバイロ [lyrics: Haruichi]
02.DON'T CALL ME CRAZY [lyrics: Haruichi]
03.Free and freedom [lyrics: Akihito]

The single is released on the 16th of November.
Preorder it from YesAsia

Other recent news:

Tama the ex-bassist is releasing his first solo album on the 21st of December.
It's titled 'Grate Pleasure,' and he has his first solo concert on 24th December.

please visit the forums for all the latest news!

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